Wunderbrow 2 Semi Permanent Brow Gel Review 

Finally I bite the bullet and get the brow product that’s been spamming up my Facebook wall- Wunderbrow 2. Is it any good? Does it last for days? Read on…So last week I blogged about Katie Price’s Brow Enhancer. I am extremely fond of it, despite having initial reservations, Katie Price’s Wunderbrow likey product has my heart, it’s exactly the right shade, it stays on all day and it’s easy to use. I had to try Wunderbrow 2 to give a comparison between these two similar products and out of immense curiosity.

WUNDERBROW Semi Permanent Eyebrows gel is the completely safe, one-step solution to eyebrow shape and hair loss. Its exclusive Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex creates the perfect brow in under 2 minutes that will last for days.

RRP- £19.95

How Wunderbrow 2 Performed

Wunderbrow 2 comes in a tube in a box with a spoolie. You’re meant to apply to clean brows with the brush supplied using light upwards strokes and blend through with the spoolie. The packaging is of good quality. The brush is quite stiff, you can flatten it off to make a thin edge to apply directly to the brows. A lot of these beauty bloggers you see on the ubiquitous Facebook videos are using a slanted brush, this would give a more precise application. 

I found the formula pretty thick and gloopy. I found it tricky to get neat. Wunderbrow dries as you’re applying and blobs. I found my brows felt stiff when it was dry. I can’t say I saw any evidence of a Hair Fibre Complex.

The colour isn’t as dark as I was hoping on first application but it darkens considerably as it dries. I was surprised it wasn’t darker what with Brown/Black being the darkest shade before Jet Black.Black/Brown Wunderbrow has a slight greenness to it. My eyebrows looked like moss- brown/ green and lumpy. Perhaps it isn’t made for those with super thick brows (like I said in my Recent brow post my brows are full with a couple of bald areas, so they still need makeup). 
The photo above came after a considerable amount of faffing, that’s the best I could do. I think it still looks a bit patchy.

How does Wunderbrow last? I hear you cry. Really really well is the answer. I don’t think it would stay perfect for four days, but it lasts all day no worries. I ran into difficulty taking it off and had to rub vigorously with makeup remover. It made me worry, if I wore Wunderbrow everyday I doubt I would have any brow hairs left after a couple of weeks.

In Summary- Wunderbrow 2

I’m not entirely sold. I didn’t love the texture or colour. It’s great that it stays on well,but what is that staying power going to do to the wellbeing of your poor eyebrows, ask yourself that! 

In my Katie Price Brow Enhancer Review I pondered whether KPBE could be a less than half price dupe for Wunderbrow. I believe it’s not just similar but I prefer it.

Wunderbrow might be just what you’re looking for if you’re a professional swimmer who wants slammin’ brows, or for festival goers or lazy/busy women who only want to do their brows every 4 days.  It could be that Wunderbrow works better for those with barely there brows, for me it’s a No Ta!

If you are inrerested in trying Wunderbrow 2 it’s half price at the moment from Amazon.co.uk



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  1. So not so wonderful then….
    The Katie price stuff did look better.
    Did you get a RT from her?! X

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  2. catalina says:

    Considero que al mencionar que es un maquillaje semipermante están engañando a las personas yo me lo aplique y al siguiente deia tenia residuos nada definido tuve que volverlo aplicar entonces no estan todo lo que mencionan!!!!

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    1. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Publicidad falsa x


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