What to Buy for Women Christmas 2016? Gift Ideas She’s Sure to Love.

Here is a list of ideas for Christmas gifts for ladies based on her tastes, age and hair type.

Christmas gift ideas for women. Picture of present under the tree
Christmas gift ideas for women

This is aimed at people/men who don’t normally buy makeup and beauty products. Don’t know what the hell to get for your woman folk for Christmas? I’ve got you covered.
Women, feel free to send the link to husbands/boyfriends.

I’ve been getting a few messages from friend’s husbands asking for Christmas gift tips, so I thought I’d compile this guide. I asked my husband what he thinks when he’s buying a woman a present and he said “panic”. Don’t panic. Assess the woman in question in your mind and read on. I have tips (links included)-

  1. If she is into skincare (has a lot of bottles lying about)- Some women are loyal to one brand, probably because it suits their skin. So you’d be best off sticking with their brand. If you have no idea which brand she likes, or if you want to go for something different then check out Deciem, they do a range of different gifts, at a range of prices. Or try Ren if you have a bit of money to spend.
    Christmas gift ideas for women. Skincare gift set, 4bottles and a box
    Christmas gift ideas for women

    Foreo does sonic facial cleaners that look cool. This would totally get you brownie points if you got her one. If she has problem skin, head to  Avene, the French company knows what they’re doing with sensitive and blemish prone skin.

  2.  She loves a bit of makeup– get her a palette obvs. All women should have an Urban Decay Naked palette, it’s like the Breaking Bad of makeup, everyone loves them. They are expensive at £38. Don’t think that you can just get her another, cheaper, similar looking thing. It’s not going to be as good.
    Christmas gift ideas for women. Eyeshadow palette open on a wooden shelf
    Christmas gift ideas for women

    If I was going to buy a makeup gift for a lady friend (and they already had an Urban Decay palette) I would head to Hourglass. They do the most amazing Powder palettes called Ambient Light. They look the absolute balls.
    If money is an object then
    Makeup Revolution
     is great. Loads of choice, and the makeup is pretty good. I’d be chuffed.

  3. She’s into makeup but you’re too afraid to buy makeup for her– Got to be brushes then. Real Techniques do great brushes at a reasonable price. Spectrum do some lovely ones.
    Christmas gift ideas for women. Several brushes held in a fist like a bouquet
    Christmas gift ideas for women

    If this is still a bit much, Charlotte Tilbury or Debenhams (Debenhams is the best department store for makeup imo) gift vouchers are going to be a winner.

  4. You’re buying for your Aunt/Sister/You haven’t got a clueIf you need to buy a generic present and don’t want it to be crap, best to go for useful smellies (or alcohol). Lush is always a solid bet, bath bombs and soap etc. Everyone likes smellies, surely. Lush use really nice packaging and are ethical out the wazoo. Also try Miss Pattiserie, it’s similar to Lush but looks more ladylike.

    Christmas gift ideas for women. several hot pink bath bombs
    Christmas gift ideas for women
  5. If she’s a bit edgy– Get her some Kat Von D Makeup. The formulas are long lasting and the packaging is kick ass.
  6. She has curly hair– Get her some Bouclème. It’s hair care designed for curly hair that she probably won’t have tried.

    Christmas gift ideas for women. 3 pastel coloured shampoo bottles on the side of a bath with a white silk flower
    Christmas gift ideas for women
  7. She has straight hair– Get her some fancy curling tongs, like this Babyliss one.
  8. She’s a teenagerBenefit does great gift boxes that would suit a young lady. The packaging is cute and the makeup is fun. Freedom does makeup starter sets that include loads of different products for her to play with, it’s not expensive and the makeup is good quality.
    Contouring is a huge trend among the young, If you really love her, get her the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, you’ll have a friend for life.

I hope I have been of help. Any queries, go to comments below. Merry Christmas! 🎄 x



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  1. Leah Miller says:

    Ahh! I would love to get any of these for Christmas, make up and skin care are my absolute heaven!! Xx

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  2. Sophie says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. I’ll be sharing it everywhere.

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