Where to Find and Buy Cheap Makeup 

My list of reputable sites and shops where you can buy cheap makeup. Grab yourself an absolute makeup bargain with the help of this list-

Where To find and buy cheap makeup bargains pinnable imageWe all love a good bargain and some people can’t afford anything but a bargain. In this day and age money is tighter, you have to be cunning with your spending choices. There are definitely ways to save a few pounds and still get decent makeup products. I’ve done a bit of research and found several places where you can get your makeup at a fraction of its full price.
Here is my list of shops and sites that’ll sort you out with some nice cheap makeup. I haven’t included eBay, I’m sure there is some genuine makeup on there but you can never be sure (here’s my post on Fake eBay knockoff makeup)-

Where To Buy Cheap Makeup-Asos Outlet

You’re bound to be aware of Asos. It’s a huge lady’s fashion website. You can spend days scrolling through pictures of blouses. You might not know that Asos also has an outlet and does makeup. There is an impressive selection of cut price brand name makeup. Sometimes with sale makeup, the selection is comprised purely of odd colours, but Asos outlet has a great selection. Here is some of the makeup you can find there at the moment-

  • OhK Korean makeup
  • There is loads of Models Own
  • Nyx brush kit and palette
  • Anna Sui
  • Bliss Skincare kit
  • The Balm
  • Illamasqua
  • Still
  • Pixi

Not bad eh? Some of the reductions are up to 70% and you can be sure that there are no fakes.  The returns policy is that they will refund any Beauty item as long as it hasn’t been opened.

Where To Get Cheap Makeup-Depop 

Depop is a bit like eBay crossed with Instagram. You have a personal profile and you can follow other people. You can put things up for sale and communicate with potential buyers in the comments. I’ve noticed other beauty bloggers selling makeup on there. I had been wondering what beauty bloggers do with all the makeup they buy/receive. They can’t all keep it in a massive pile that threatens the safety of children, like I do.
You can find loads on there- makeup that was used once because it was the wrong colour. Eyeshadow palettes that have had one swatch taken out of them. I found an unused Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for £20 (it’s normally £38).The seller can name their price and you put in a bid in the comments under the ad. I bought a Mac x9 palette off Depop for hardly any pounds, it was perfectly fine and dandy and hardly touched.

Depop is a similar deal to eBay, but there seems to be a lot more genuine sellers on there. It’s fun to use, you could waste hours. You pay through PayPal and they can mediate if there are any disputes. You can definitely grab yourself a juicy bargain on Depop, and most lilwaste several hours snooping around while you’re doing it.

Where To Buy Cheap Makeup-TKMaxx

Where To Buy Cheap Makeup- powder brush and sponge blender
Where To Buy Cheap Makeup- TKMaxx Beauty Tool Haul

Another excellent location for wasting hours bargain hunting. They do makeup as well as handbags,  shoes and clothes. I quite often find the makeup section of the shop in disarray but I have managed to grab a Real Techniques brush set there in the past.

A ganders at their online shop today revealed Clinique foundation, Mac Eyeshadow, Shisheido Eye Colour, Makeup Forever Lipgloss among other things.

Where To Buy Cheap Makeup-Poundworld

I’m working on another post about Poundworld makeup so I’ll give you the full story in a few days. The makeup you’ll find in Poundworld is from the Miss Beauty London range. It’s made by the same company that do W7 and Technic. I have tried a few things from Poundworld’s Miss Beauty London range and I have to say it’s surprisingly good considering it’s just £1 a piece. More to come on that.

Where To Get Cheap Makeup- Freedom Makeup*

Where To Buy Cheap Makeup- Freedom House of Glam Dolls Palette
Where To Buy Cheap Makeup- Freedom House of Glam Dolls Palette

Freedom makeup is pitched as professional standard makeup. The prices are much lower than you would expect to pay for professional quality products. Freedom does kits containing a collection of basic makeup items- primer, fixer, palettes, you get 7 items for £18. They do boxes of lipsticks- 5 for £5. Freedom’s Eyeshadow palettes are really reasonably priced, starting at £4. The quality is good, the packaging is basic and the prices are super low.

Where To Buy Cheap Makeup-Beauty Pie

I have only read about Beauty Pie, I haven’t tried it. Here’s the blurb-

OUR EVERYDAY MISSION is to go out and source the world’s best beauty products from a global base of suppliers, and to bring them to our members at their transparent FACTORY COSTS.

The prices appear to be very tempting- foundation for £4.99, mascara for £1.93. You have to pay £10 a month and shipping and handling fees (which amount to about £5 as far as I can gather, it’s a bit complicated). So Beauty Pie might not be extremely cheap, but I’ve included it because I’ve heard the makeup is really good and it’s an interesting idea.

There are also several websites that sell discounted brand name makeup. You’ll find discontinued lines of big brand makeup, so these websites could be useful if your favourite product isn’t available anymore. Check out Cosmetics FairyDirect CosmeticsStrawberryFragrance Direct.

I hope this post has given you some ideas. Whether you’re on the hunt for something specific at a cut price, or you’re strapped for cash or you just enjoy bargain hunting. The links above will lead you to some cracking sites where you can buy cheap makeup. Something I’ve left out? Let me know in comments.


Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk FYI


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Catrin says:

    Howsie abouts Mac Arthur Glenn Bridgend- 2 make up shops with big names- the cosmetics company have estee Lauder, Mac, Bobbi brown, Clinique and tons of other things- some not in the shade you’re after obviously but really nice bits- I got Mac gel eyeliner pot and Mac patent polish (!?) and Bobbi brown concealers and And and then my time was up xxx even got some BB shimmer bricks (not in bronze though)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t been there for yonks! Didn’t know there was makeup. I’d be bang up for a trip x


  2. Catrin says:

    We could wangle a trip there with out the kids maybe!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leah Miller says:

    This is great, I’m always on the hunt for discounts on make up for the studio. I do love revolution, they are so reasonable but the only thing I find is that their eyeshadows aren’t as “popping” as I would like them to be!! I’m going to check out some of your ideas above!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks love. Check out depop, there’s some real bargains on there xx


  4. Siyana says:

    I’ve never thought about Depop but now when you mentioned it.. you can also check in Poundland, there a few items that are worth considering! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Siyana! I’ve not tried Poundland yet, I’ll have to check it out xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Siyana says:

        You definitely should, I have a recent post on Poundland make up, you might find some inspiration there! xx

        Liked by 1 person

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