Celebrity Brow Artist Tricks and Tips

Madame Wax, Cardiff has a new celebrity brow artist, I had a Bespoke Brow Treatment and grilled her for her top brow tips and tricks. Madame Wax Brow Treatment Review

Brows are so important, they make such a difference to your appearance. Get it wrong and you can look odd or comical, get it right and you’re sitting pretty. Eye brow shape is fundamental! I’ll demonstrate what I mean with my own past brow blunder. I used to pluck way too much! It made my upper eyelid look sort of puffy and bald, my brow shape was not making the best of my eyes. Since I’ve been growing them back the situation has much improved. 

Check out the Before and After I quit plucking photos-

Madame Wax Brow Treatment Review before and after regrowing my brows
What a difference a brow makes!

Do you see what I mean? The impact that brow shape can have is huge. I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to see my brow shape objectively. We all need an experienced brow genius in our lives that we trust to make the best of our all important eyebrows. 

I went to Madame Wax for a bespoke brow treatment with their new celebrity brow artist, Rhi. She has been doing brows for a number of years and counts famous models amongst her clientele. She trained with HD Brows but she’s branched out and her methods are a little different to the standard 7 step HD treatment. 

After a chat about how I like my brows (thick and juicy of course) she designed my brows accordingly, by eye. The brow treatment involves trimming, threading, plucking, tinting, and makeup. I was really pleased with the results. I’ve had so many compliments on my brows since. I thoroughly recommend that you go and see someone as experienced as Rhi at Madame Wax. She knows what she’s doing. 

Here are the Before and After photos of my Madame Wax brow treatment- 

Madame Wax Brow Treatment- Before and After
Madame Wax Brow Treatment- Before and After
Now my brows are proper fabulous!

Madame Wax Brow Artist’s Top Brow Tips

While Madame Wax’s brow magician was working her magic I grilled her mercilessly for her top eyebrow tips. Here they are-

  • Find a brow stylist with a good eye- Do your research! If you know someone with great brows ask them where they go, scour Instagram, check reviews. If you find a brow artist that charges suspiciously low prices you should give them a wide berth. Your brows are an extremely important feature, it’s no good spending a fortune on foundation if your eyebrows look odd. Also check out their eyebrows, if a brow artist has brows that look like they were drawn on with a sharpie, she likely thinks that that’s a good look. 
  • Colour matching– your brows should be lighter in shade than your hairline. Have a look at your hair colour and choose a brow shade that is one or two tones lighter but the same hue. I have dark brown hair with coppery bits so I should choose a warm brown colour. 
  • Tinting brow hairs makes brows look thicker– Don’t be afraid of brow tinting. It might seem like a daunting prospect to have your brows darkened but actually it’s a very good way to make sparse brows more visible. Madame Wax’s brow artist blended a shade that matches my brow colour and painted on the dye precisely with a fine brush. The result was definitely not OTT but it brought out the fine hairs to make my brows appear fuller especially in the sparse patches. If you’re having trouble regrowing your brows then tinting will help. 
  • If you have bald patches it might take years for them to grow back– All is not lost if you plucked your brows to oblivion back in the 90s. They still may grow back even after a couple of years. 
  • Regrowth products can help– I’ve tried a few of these and haven’t noticed any significant results. I’m impatient though and it could well be that I just didn’t put the time in. Madame Wax’s brow expert assured me that she has had some good results with some clients. She uses Amita Patel Brow Balm which contains ingredients derived from Coconut oil. 
    Madame Wax Brow Treatment- Amita Patel Brow Balm
    Madame Wax Brow Treatment- Amita Patel Brow Balm
  • You should be nice to your brows- It’s important to use products that are gentle to your brows and easy to remove. I wrote a review on Wunderbrow 2, I hated it. It’s impossible to remove fully, I had to really rub my brows to get it off and a few brow hairs came out. It’s better for brow hair health to use a product that you can remove easily. 
  • You can use a China marker to recreate hairsChina markers* are water resistant pencils used for drawing on porcelain. They make a great brow pencil because you can sharpen them to an extremely fine flat point using a scalpel. (Similar to the now discontinued HD brow pencil).
    Madame Wax Brow Treatment- China Marker
    Madame Wax Brow Treatment- China Marker
  • Artist brushes make great Brow brushesArtist brushes* come in all shapes and sizes and you can get some really tiny weeny fine ones that are great for creating hairs breadth detail. 
  • You’re never too old– A lot of ladies (I’m thinking of my mother while I write this) think that they’re too old to get their brows done. This is not the case, as we age our eyebrows lighten and become more sparse. A good brow treatment can take years off you. By framing the eyes and adding structure to the face a good set of brows can be like a mini face lift. A brow expert can help guide you in the ways of brow makeup if you’re unsure. 
  • ABH Dipbrow really is that good– Rhi the brow expert uses Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow for her brow makeup. I’ve heard so much about this product, it’s practically ubiquitous. It’s not available in store in Britain so I’ve never taken the plunge and bought it. It’s available from BeautyBay.com*. It’s a creamy gel pomade that comes in an impressive 11 shades and doesn’t budge. 
    Madame Wax Brow Treatment- Dipbrow and Painters Brushes
    Madame Wax Brow Treatment- Dipbrow and Painters Brushes

Good brows make a huge positive difference to a persons appearance. I was really pleased with my brows after my brow treatment at Madame Wax. I look more put together and it’s much easier to do my brow makeup. I’d definitely recommend everyone get a brow pro give their brows a good going over, after all brows are everything. 

If you’re in Cardiff, you can find Madame Wax on St Mary’s St. The bespoke brow treatment with their new celebrity brow artist costs £35. Check out their website for more frets. 

(I received my brow treatment at no cost to myself and the links are affiliate when marked with a star)


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