Bleach SuperCool Colours Tangerine Dream on Brown Hair

How well does Bleach Super Cool Colours Non Permanent hair colour in Tangerine Dream work on dark brown hair. (This is not an ad, I bought they product but links are affiliate)

Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine on Brown Hair bottle
Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine on Brown Hair

I’m too old for this sort of malarkey really. Since it washes out though, what’s the worst that can happen. Bleach London does a wide range of super bright temporary colours and hair lightening kits. The idea is to take the natural colour out of your hair then add in whatever crazy shade your heart desires for temporary fun. 

I have concerns about bleaching my hair, it’s already as dry as the Atacama desert. If I bleached it as well it might burst into flames. The ends of my hair have been lightened by the sun (I guess?). So I decided to dye it illuminous orange to see what happened. I wasn’t expecting much really but I have been really pleased with the results.

Bleach Super Cool Colours Strand Swatches
Bleach Super Cool Colours

Bleach is a way cool salon based in London, they’ve been around for a few years. I think they were the originators of the now ubiquitous unicorn hair trend. They brought bright and pastel hair shades to the masses when they started selling their products in Boots.

Bleach makes several shades of their non permanent Super Cool Colours- Awkward Peach (a pastel pinky peach), Violet Skies (a light pastel purple), Rosé (light pink), Washed out Orange (a light orange shade), the Big Pink (bright blue toned pink), I Saw Red (a true red), Tangerine Dream (dark orange), Blullini (light pastel blue), Washed up Mermaid (light blue green). Sea Punk, Out of the Blue and Bruised Violet aren’t available in the U.K., unfortunately. They are meant to last for just 2-10 washes, perfect for larking about. It says on the Bleach London website that there are semi permanent dyes available too, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the ‘net.

Instructions go like this-


  • Shampoo the hair twice. Do not condition. (Conditioner closes the cuticle, and the dye won’t absorb properly!)
  • Rinse the hair clean & towel dry. Wearing gloves, apply the product evenly to the hair.
  • Leave on for 15-30 minutes. (You may leave longer or overnight if desired, as the product is non-damaging.)
  • Rinse out with water, do not shampoo. (You don’t have to condition the hair, because the product is conditioner-based, but if you want to use your favourite conditioner or a nice hair treatment, that’s okay! ◍•ᴗ•◍ )

Bleach recommends doing a 24 hour patch test to check for allergies before use. Also a strand test to check that you are going to be happy with the colour. Handy tip- if you are worried that the colour will be too dark/strong you can dilute with conditioner. Bleach London says it won’t work on  brown hair and that you’ll need to bleach it first. We shall see.

Bleach London Supercool Colours Tangerine Dream on Brown Hair- How It Went

The consistency of Bleach Supercool Colours Tangerine Dream is like a thick conditioner. It’s easy to apply without it dripping it all over your bathroom. I washed my hair once with shampoo (you’re meant to do it twice, I forgot though) and applied it throughout the hair. You’re meant to use gloves but I couldn’t be bothered going downstairs to find any. It actually washed off my hands very easily, so I didn’t have high hopes for it colouring my hair. It has a strong not unpleasant powdery scent.

I left it on for half an hour and rinsed off. Bleach Supercool Colours rinsed out pretty quickly and after drying naturally a lovely warm burnt orange tinge remained. Tangerine Dream mainly coloured the ends of my hair where it is lightest and left the roots, where my hair is practically black, unchanged.

Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine on Brown Hair- Before
Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine on Brown Hair- Before
Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine on Brown Hair-After
Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine on Brown Hair-After

I love the results. Bleach Tangerine Dream gives a lovely red/auburn tinge to my hair. It’s like I’ve had copper highlights. I love it!

I haven’t lightened my hair chemically for years. I don’t think the light bits at the tips are a result of anything I’ve done, just sun damage? The last time I lightened my hair I just used a home bleach kit and twiddled a bit of the product onto strands of hair where I wanted it lightened. Of course this stuff should be left in the hands of professionals strictly speaking.

I used about a quarter of the bottle, so there’s plenty left if I fancy another change. You can also mix with other colours if you fancy. My hair was perfectly soft after using, I don’t think it did any damage. Bleach Supercool Colours in Tangerine Dream lasted a few weeks, maybe three? I think if you use the cooler colours like blue or green they will last longer.

Bleach Supercool Colours in Tangerine Dream definitely worked better on the lighter parts of my hair   But my hair is by no means blonde and it still had a very pleasant visible effect. The other great thing about it was that there is no mixing, you just open the bottle and chuck it on your head. I love it, instant colour without the stress of having a permanent change. 

So, if you’re too chicken to properly bleach your hair and you still want to show a little colour, Bleach Super Cool Colours Tangerine Dream will totally work.

Bleach London Supercool Colours in Tangerine Dream is £5 for 150ml from



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  1. Leah Miller says:

    Oh my god I love this! You look absolutely gorgeous!!

    I am so tempted by the rose pink colour, but I’m scared that it won’t wash out due to the last of the bleach in my hair!!

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