Miss Patisserie Haul- Vegan, Cruelty Free Bath and Body Gifts From Wales

Miss Patisserie is my favourite bath and body places. It’s cruelty free, plant based vegan and WELSH! 

Miss Patisserie has a beautiful shop in one of the arcades in Cardiff, which is definitely worth a visit if you’re in town. It’s hard not to spend money there, it’s jam packed with the most divine smelling bath products and skincare in cool packaging with nice fonts.

Miss Patisserie is a brand who’s ethics I really trust. They try and keep all their products vegan (it’s only the Pink Clay Mask which isn’t), there is no animal testing and I know they’re keen to keep their operation as local as possible. All their ingredients are plant based and contain no mineral oil. There is no gluten in anything but there are a few nut oils, so check the ingredients if this is a problem for you. 

I have a few of my favourite Miss Patisserie products to show you. I can photograph them and describe them, but there’s no way to properly convey how beautiful the perfume is. Perfume is the most important part of toiletries and they’ve got this so right. I’ve been keeping my Miss Patisserie goodies in my clothes drawers and wardrobe and every time I go to get a top I’m greeted with the most delightful fragrance. 

Miss Patisserie Bath Bombs

After these babies have done their good work in my sock drawer, into the bath (or shower they go). The bath bombs fizz away leaving an intensely coloured bath that smells amazing, and leave your skin scented for hours afterwards. Happy bath bomb is mango scented and costs £3.90. The Unicorn Hoof (£3.50) is particularly bright in colour, my female children really enjoyed that. Head to my Instagram for a video. 

My particular favourite is the Gin Shower Steamer (0% abv), it is perfumed with juniper- hence the gin. This one is for the shower, so if you’re not really a bath person this is for you. Just place the Steamer in the shower base while you’re washing and it fills the bathroom with an amazing aroma of juniper. 

The cup cake bath melts (£4.50) are more of a moisturising treat. The cake part contains moisturising Shea butter and Cacao seed butter to nourish skin. The icing part has detoxifying salts and glitters. You can probably get 2 uses out of these if you put them back in the case. 

Miss Patisserie Soy Candle in Peony and Pear

Miss Patisserie soy candles are made of 100%  renewable soy, essential oils and are hand poured in Wales. Most candles in production are paraffin based, this is bad- paraffin candles emit soot and carcinogens when burnt. Soy candles give a much cleaner burn. And it smells frickin’ divine, lightly floral and fruity. This candle will set you back but £12 which doesn’t seem a lot to me (when I was Googling soy candles the first candle on the google shopping thingy was £295 from Burberry, I nearly choked!). 

Miss Patisserie Goji Facial Oil

I have another facial oil by Miss Patisserie that I am not exactly in love with- the Kukui oil, it is heavily perfumed with lemon, which isn’t to my taste. Goji facial oil has a preferable light fragrance. Enriched with antioxidant Goji berry and nourishing Avocado oil, this oil soaks in nicely. It suits all skin types including oily.  You can use it on the face to complete your skincare routine, on the hands, to moisturise cuticles or as a makeup primer for dry skin. Goji oil is £16 for 30mls. 

Miss Patisserie Mango Sugar Scrub

As well as being dead pretty Mango sugar scrub is fab for dry flakey skin. Made up of sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, it not only removes dead skin but it deeply moisturises and leaves a delicious fruit aroma. It will set you back £13 for 400g.

It’s a bit messy so definitely one to use over the skin or in the shower. Mango sugar scrub is pretty coarse, I would keep it for rough skin like hands, feet, elbows and knees only. Definitely not one for the face. I have to be honest, I was planning to just try a bit of this and then give it away as a present but sorry, I’m keeping this one to myself. 

Miss Patisserie Lotus Flower Body Soufflé 

Lotus Flower Body Soufflé is possibly my favourite of the bunch. It’s a rich moisturising body cream with vitamin E rich rice bran oil and sweet almond oil. The body Soufflés are very buttery but also quickly absorbed. The Lotus flower one has a lovely floral, but not sickly sweet perfume. Great for dry skin and people who like nice smells. £7.00 will get you 200g of Miss Patisserie body soufflé, I think the packaging looks way more expensive than it costs. 
I’m not really a bath and body person (I spent about 1000% more time on my face than the rest of my body), so if I’m heaping praise on a body scrub then it must be good. It’s just not my thing, but Miss Patisserie’s products smell so damn good. 

Check out Miss Patisserie at MissPatisserie.com, Boots.com or preferably go to their shop in High St arcade, it really is worth a visit. (The products are PR samples but that isn’t why I like them)


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  1. DELIGHTESH says:

    I had never heard of Miss Patisserie before but I’ll definitely check it out!

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    1. It’s really lovely! X

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