Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment and Skincare Review 

Nannic is a Belgian cosmeceuticals company and they’re new to the U.K.! Here’s my review of their fabulous facial treatments and products. 

I was invited to the Nannic head office recently for a chat about their products and to try their unique take on a radio frequency treatment.  I had literally no preconceptions and wasn’t expecting anything particular, but I was so pleased that I went. Nannic are a beauty technology and dermatological skincare company that is new to the U.K. Nannic is already very popular in Europe, especially Sweden. (And we know the Swedes are smart what with them inventing IKEA). 

I was met with Cheri, the lovely Nannic sales representative and aesthetician. Cheri has worked in some really expensive clinics in Harley Street and knows a lot about the aesthetics industry. We had a most interesting conversation about the sights she has seen. A lot of aesthetic treatment revolves around the concept that when skin is injured it forms scar tissue, which contains more collagen than normal tissue and is therefore firmer. But we all know what scar tissue looks like- shiny and wrong. Micro needling and laser treatment causes inflammation to the skin which in the long run isn’t good. 

I know I was talking to a sale rep so I should probably not lose my heart to San Francisco. A lot of what she said made sense to me- that skin should be respected and nourished, not stabbed and burnt by pins and lasers, for it to look it’s best. 

Nannic NBE Prof Facial Treatment 

The facial treatments I have had in the past have come from the school of “cleanse, exfoliate, mask and you’re done”. The Nannic facial is a lot more technological. The intended targets include-

  • Aging and skin laxicity
  • Double chin
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Rosacea
  • Acne and visible pores reduction
  • Hyperpigmentation

Cheri cleansed my face then used the Nannic Deep Skin machine. The Deep Skin treatment consists of little rotating wheel with a rough surface to exfoliate the skin. It is described by Nannic thus-

 A mechanical exfoliation that does not damage the skin combined with a specially developed micro-channel technology. Together with highly concentrated active serums it provides long-lasting results in skin rejuvenation and skin improvement.

Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the Deep Skin Machine
Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the Deep Skin Machine

It felt a bit scratchy but not painful really. The treatment extended to my chest, which is great because necks need help too. 

The next part was the Nannic NBE (Nannic Beautifying Energy). This is a monopolar radio frequency and heat device that is used with Nannic hydrating Serum to 

  • Increase skin moisture
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Improve blood supply 
  • Improved lymphatic drainage 
  • Better absorption of active ingredients 

Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the NBE machine
Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the NBE machine

My face was slathered in cream and the NBE wand massaged across the skin. The radio frequency comes through a flat ended wand. It felt a bit like a hot stone massage- really warm, but not hot or painful. My skin soaked up the product like a sponge. 

The next part of the Nannic treatment was the Peel Off Algae Mask.

Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the Peel Off Algae Mask
Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the Peel Off Algae Mask

This bit was crazy and possibly not the best if you suffer from claustrophobia. The Algae Mask was poured over my eyes and mouth, I could still breathe through my nose though so I was fine. I was cleaned up and my treatment was done. 

My skin felt very fresh, hydrated and plump. Here are the before and afters-

Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the Day Before (with just a bit of brow makeup but otherwise clean face)
Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- the Day Before (with just a bit of brow makeup but otherwise clean face)
Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- Immediately After
Nannic Radio Frequency Facial Treatment- Immediately After

The lighting is different in the photos but I think the difference is clear, particularly around the eyes. The treatment left my skin really smooth and soft, I was really impressed. My jawline felt tighter also. My Nannic facial was very relaxing and actually made me look significantly fresher. 

I had my treatment for free (thanks Nannic, I loved it!) but it will set you back about £100 depending on where you are. There are Nannic salons in London and Cheshire and more locations coming soon. 

Nannic Skincare 

Nannic do loads of interesting interesting products- tanning wipes, a crackling hand sanitizer, a spray on UV shield. There is a lot I could talk about, suffice to say that Nannic make innovative, clinical, dermatological formulas. 

Nannic Skincare- pump bottles on a shelf
Nannic Skincare Review

The packaging isn’t fancy or ornate, but it all comes in airless pump bottles, which is ideal. None of the products have parfum, this is again what you need- fragrance is bad for the skin. I’ve been trying out several Nannic skincare products for the last few weeks and I’ve been impressed. 

  • Nannic UV Shield– a spray on sunscreen that can be used over makeup. This is a fab idea. I always apply sunscreen before my makeup (Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection FYI) but I’m not about to ruin my face by reapplying half way through the day. Nannic UV Shield is a handy way to top up protection on a sweaty hot day. £37.99 for 50mls from
  • Nannic Willow Bark Peeling Mask– £34 for 150ml A mild anti irritant exfoliating mask, gentle enough to be used overnight. This is great for acne and blocked pores. From
  • Nannic Pureness For Oily & Impure Skin– £47 for 30mls This is a “Serum in Cream”- a moisturiser with high levels of actives. This regulates sebum production in oily and impure skin. Contains extracts of rose fruit, lavender, hops, red soapwort, marine elastin, cucumber and seaweed to form a complex which balances the production of sebum and regulates the secondary effects of this overproduction. It’s mattifying and provides a smooth base for makeup. From
  • Nannic 3D Miracle Lips– an anti aging lip balm with peptides, anti oxidants and sun protection. £12 
  • Nannic Crackling Hand Sanitizer– £14 for 200mls This is so cool, a hand sanitizer that kills bugs, cools and moisturises. It has a fun cracking sensation when you rub it in. There is also a melon flavour and it’s suitable for kids. From

I’ve had some good results from the skincare and really like the Pureness cream for mattifying. 

Nannic Skincare- pump bottles on a shelf
Nannic Skincare Review

I’ve been really impressed by my Nannic experience and would definitely recommend a Nannic NBE facial treatment for a hydrating smoothing skin boost. Nannic is still emerging in the UK but I’m sure we’re going to be seeing more from them. 


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