Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar 

Review of the technologically advanced, guilt free, antioxidant rich Esthechoc chocolate advent calendar 

£60 from Harrods 

Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar
Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar

For a chocolate fan who takes skincare extremely seriously, the Esthechoc advent calendar is a must. Esthechoc is a chocolate with added skincare benefits. Gobbling chocolate around Christmas time is ordinarily something to be guilty about but when you know the chocolate is packed with skin enhancing goodness takes the guilt right out of it. 

Esthechoc was designed by Cambridge Chocolate Technology after 10 years of research. Here is what Esthechoc consists of-

  • Ingredients– Cocoa solids (72.6% minimum), fat reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithin from soybeans) and astaxanthin.
  • 38 calories per daily dose bar
  • 6mg of Astaxanthin and 11mgs of Epicatechin Polyphenols (in the form of Astacelles) per bar
  • Takes just 3 weeks to show it’s effects (in time for Christmas!)
  • The actives in Esthechoc help improve skin elasticity and smoothness by increasing microvascularity (improve blood flow) and reversing environmental damage 
  • Also has positive effects on the heart and the brain
  • Vegan 

Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar white advent calendar with gold lettering
Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar

So, I’ll try and explain what’s special about this chocolate. Chocolate (cocoa solids in particular) is jam packed with Epicatechin Polyphenols. These polyphenols have marvellous effects on the skin and the human body in general. But these amazing nutrients are not well absorbed by the body. You would have to eat a really gut expanding amount of chocolate to get much antioxidant out of it. Also the polyphenols are really bitter. Esthechoc’s manufacturer, Cambridge Chocolate Technology, has figured out a way to make the chocolate in a way that the good nutrients can be absorbed and not taste revolting. 
They combine the Epicatechin Polyphenols with another very impressive antioxidant- Astaxanthin (I have already talked about Astaxanthin in my ProAura review). Together they form micelles that can make it through the body’s digestive tract and into the bloodstream so they can do their good work. 

Esthechoc has been shown in studies to increase the oxygen saturation of tissues by 59%, improves oxygen transport in plasma by 85%, reduces inflammatory damage by 72% over just 4 weeks. The study was performed in 3,000 people so I’d say that’s a pretty convincing result. To read more about the research head to

Esthechoc Advent Calender Review

That’s enough science for a minute. The advent calendar is nicely packaged in white card with gold print. It has “doors” that form a protective shield so that partners and children can’t easily identify it as an advent calendar. 

Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar
Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar

You get 24 (obvs) 7.5g square bars to take daily on the run up to Christmas. Which is enough chocolate for 2 or 3 mouthfuls. I know that the Polyphenols should make the chocolate bitter, but Esthechoc doesn’t taste bitter, it certainly doesn’t feel like a chore eating them. The chocolate is 72% Cocoa mass so it’s on the dark side. I prefer dark chocolate myself, so I’m not put off by it not being sickly sweet. 

Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar
Esthechoc Limited Edition “Smart Chocolate”Advent Calendar

I’ve been really enjoying eating chocolate for medicinal purposes. The high nutritional content hasn’t damaged the flavour at all. I’ve yet to see any real visible effect in my skin, but I’ve only had about a week’s worth of Esthechoc. I’d love to say I look glowy because of it, my skin has been really good this last week but it could just be a coincidence. I’ll get back to you at the end of the 24 days. 

Esthechoc is available from Harrods. The calendar is £60 for 180g, they also do 21 day boxes for £43 for 157g. The 21 day supply works out cheaper but it’s less festively packaged. Esthechoc calendar would make a lovely gift for a skincare fanatic and the science behind it is really interesting. (Thanks Esthechoc for sending me this to trial)


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  1. Eleni says:

    Love it! Also offers a scientific explanation on why I should indulge 😉Win-win!x

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    1. Yes, science is telling you to eat chocolate, you better do it!

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      1. Eleni says:

        Of course! We can’t disobey science ☺️

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